Pro Cicuit Titanium TI-4 Low Boy...TOO LOUD!!

Just purchased this complete pro cicuit exhaust system for my 03 WR450. The power in unreaal but the only problem is that it's so loud the cops are going to be on my back everytime i take it out. I use my bike for trail riding only and there are lots of residential areas near the trails. My question is, is thre something i can buy that can be put into the silencer to cut the noise down a bit. I don't care if it's loud, but right now its crazy loud. I know that other exhaust systems have disks that can be place in the muffler to lower the DB's. Does Pro Cicuit have these disks too. Can someone please help solve my noise problem.

no discs for pro circuits. Contact pro circuit, they may offer a quiet core insert. Or see if you can swap it for a type 496 silencer.

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