i think this was the reason for my first post on tt. i washed my bike and my guess is that because i did it and left it on the stand (leaning to the aus 'passenger side') and didnt try to start it for about 3-4 days and nothing. ( i believe)the water in the spark plug well sat in there and caused rust.

how this created ignition problems i don't know, but a new plug and 1 kick and it went. I have replaced 5 spark plugs in 2700km and i'm going to plug the hole now when i wash it, and remove it when i'm finished, just like an exhaust plug then start it and run it for about a minute or two.

But plugging the hole will only result in it filling up with water!!! Its a drain!!! Best bit is to let your bike run for a few minutes after washing-that way alot of the moisture is evaporated, I then spray her with a heap of CRC to prevent any rust and keep her shiny lookin :applause:

Flatnacker is right, I pull my tank off and spray WD40 in the plug well and let it drain out to stop it rusting, and go over the whole motor with silicon spray.

i use a non-hardening silicone gel (capcom) around the top boot of the plug and that stops all the water that way. but once water gets in that hole it can blow the plug boot right off the plug causing it to sputter and die just as if it was ignition problems. guess i should have clarified a little more :applause:

But plugging the hole
:p:p:p That is a very odd start to a sentence. Sorry, I was just panning by and noticed that. Very funny. :applause::eek::)
:eek: oops :applause:

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