XR650R for dual sport use

How well do these bikes work for dualsprting? I ride a 02 DRZ-400S now and am looking to upgrade. This bike is supposed to actually be 14 pounds lighter than the DRZ. How well does the engine/tranny hold up running on the highway? I love my DRZ but would like a little more power/top speed and still be off-road ready.

No complaints other than the seat, I have 15/45 gearing cruises nice 75 to 80 mph and pulls strong to 100 mph it's been to 106 on the trailtech computer with full knobbies. Mileage has been at 45 mpg hiway. I don't feel any heat from it unless I stop in traffic for awhile and it's been 90 degrees lately when I ride. (uncorked and jetted a little on the rich side)

I geared my 650R down for the tight trails and it sure sets it to buzzin' on the highway (mine's plated). I wouldn't call the saddle comfortable for extended runs either :applause:. Still managed to get up over 80 mph running 14/52. 200 street miles on it last weekend and another 75 last night - this is with the Avon distanzias far right in this pic I think that I'll run 15/45 on another set of wheels when I get them.

Last night I was pullin the front end out of the corners and none of the other bikes could touch me in the corners nor could they shake me in between :p. 2 Harleys, Yami RoadWarrior, & a Ninja 600 - left them all wondering how a whuped little dirt bike could take 'em :) I just left them thinking that it must be the rider :eek:. For now I'll have to take it easy on the asphalt when I switch back to running knobs.

Top speed with stock 14/48 (USA) is 100mph. I have 15/49 and 80mph isn't humming to bad. 15/57 is even better but you lose low end on a stock bike for the trails. The seet is hard and I start thinking I want off the free way at 30 miles. That is because I ride a ST1300 and it's nice and soft.

...15/57 is even better but you lose low end on a stock bike for the trails. ...

:applause: 15/57 ?

:eek: 15/57 ?

He's gotta be meaning 15/47.....I run this on mine and I've clocked myself on GPS doing about 108 with wind behind me, but I could've gone faster if the SPEEEEEEEDY WOBBLES didn't kick in :applause:

I have ridden both and you will love the 650r but you will miss electric start. the drz doesn't even compare!

The gearing is a bit of an issue for me. I go trail riding, including some tight single track, and 14/48 is probably a bit too tall, but it's OK. But on the highway it sux really bad. Lately I've been running mainly on the bitumen (on road tyres), and running 15/46 is cool. Runs to about 180 km/h (110 mph) in reasonable time which is fast enough. I hate to think what riding tight trails would be like with this gearing. I don't think there is a single gearing set that satisfies all my needs. Running 14/48 off road and changing to 15/48 on road is probably the best simple coversion for me. But nothing is perfect :applause:

i love my baja design e start on my brp, spendy, but then you don't have to compromise!

14/45 on the street. Cruises 70-75 moderately on the gas.

13/45. Rode the Rubicon with this setup. Could have been lower but what the hell.

I used a XR650 as commuter and dualsport (14/48), I sold it with 42.500 kilometers, never had a problem.

I changed oil and filtes any 5000 kms, I cleaned air filter when needed and check valves just once at 29.000 kms (no need to register them!).

The Italian version, street legal weights 137 kilograms while the DRZ400s weights 138 kilograms, almost the same.

Iv'e owned both and weighed them.The 650 is about 20 lbs. more 320 vs. 299.Yes the drz-s weighed in at 299 and that's with a lighter pipe!!!

well...this is my bike...its done alot of commuting...and trails...goes the same path as KTM525,XR400,DRZ400E,anythg...but i dun test it on MX track...not my scene.


i m not worried bought having to know how much the bike weight...:thumbsup:

ive got 15-45 gearing, which i really like for the road, but 1st gear is tricky in the woods.

55 MPH its reving at 4200

90 MPH its at 7100

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