05 450 now or 06 450 november???

I sold my 03 450 last year due to injuries. Now regret it and can get new 05 450 for 5100 from Yamaha dealer, or wait till mid november for 06. I love the look of the 06 but want to ride now. I dont want to get the 05 and regret it in nov. I loved the 03 power, and never rode the 05. Is the 05 that much mellower than the 03. Just want to know what the difference is. Suspension, handling, etc. The 06 looks soooooo good , I just dont know. My honda buddies are telling me to go get the 06 crf 450 I can get next week, but I all I hear about the crf 450 is water pump, bent valve, timing,valve clearance, and cam problems. I guess they fixed alot of that for 06, but I love yamaha reliability. Never a problem with my 03. Help guys what should I do????? thanks John

Well just remember this, it wouldnt be a very populated forum if someone didn't have something to complain or talk about. Just because 50 or so on the forums had a problem with the CRF, doesn't mean that the hundreds of thousands out there do too. That YZF is sure nice looking, but Im going honda this year just to see how those YZF perform, then next year will be hard to choose. Just my .02 cents.

Get the 06, I have an 04 450f,and love it. I will be getting the 06 just because it may handle better.

05 cause the 06 have a new engine and a new frame and i dont know if they will be as good as the 05 and 04

So your itching to ride... borrow a bike until the 06's get here then buy one. It was your first choice for a reason. If you get something else you'll just look back later saying damn I should've bought that '06 YZF450.

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