450 or 250??

Hey guys..i just want yalls opinion..See i love the 450 thumers.. but yall have been talkin about alot of stuff goin on with them..like when you break them in you gotta get it tuned ..the valves....etc.. Im going to be riding Mx Tracks..Woods...and stuff...Should i Go with a Yz 250 or a Yz450f? is there really that much matenience on the 450?? :applause: I have been workin my ass off At kfc to get this bike and i dont wanna get something that is going to shit out on me..I want something i can ride and not buy to much for..Ima be riding it really hard to

What is going on???? Am i not going to get an answer ???

If you are trail riding it I think the YZ 250 2 stroke is probably a better choice. I love my 450 but I only MX it. The biggest penalty is that the 4 stroke costs WAY more to rebuild than the 2 stroke. My opinion anyway.

go with the 450 .you wont be disappointed

Alright..how often do they mess up tho?

The only thing I have had to do to either of my four strokes in four years was oil change, add gas, clean air filter and occasionallly wash the bike. On my two strokes I would have done a couple top ends included with that.

Since I have saved a couple hundred bucks each time not having to do top ends, I think I will go out to eat tonight on that money, and think about adjusting my valves in a year or two. Maybe I'll read my owners manual (or follow one of the many posts on valve adjusting) in the next year and spend a nominal amount on a full shim kit and do the valves my self.

I have heard this crap about 4 strokes costing "so much more to maintain" and after 4 years I can tell you I have spent less maintaining. I guess if I would have bought a honda, I might have a different view because of their engine problems, but my Yami's have survived my abusive riding style(lots of big crashes and wide open throttle) and have been bullet proof.

Thumpers don't really cost any more to maintain than a 2 smoke. I'm talking normal day-to-day maintenance here. The main thing is change the oil frequently and you should have no problems. The Yamaha's have proven to be especially bullet proof. However, if you do have problems (which happens sometimes), they can be expensive to fix compared to a 2 stroke. A top end rebuild on a thumper is quite a bit more $$$ than a 2 smoke top end.

what causees the top end to go out???

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