426 or 450?

Hi there, please escuse the name, lol

Anyways, I would like to know the difference in a yz426 or the yz450. my friend is getting rid of his kx125 and wants to move up to either a 250 or 450. he said the 426 caught his attention and he would like to know what the difference between it and the 450 is. please reply fast as he's selling his kx within a week.


the 450 is bigger in engine size.....duh...., they are both bulletproof(my experience) I actually liked the handling of my 426 better than my 450. the 03 450 is punchy and fast, it is awesome. Both the 04 and 05 were tamed down a little at the factory. The front forks are better on the 05(much better I think). 05 has the cr style brake line. Other than that I cannot think of much right now but there might be other small changes. Jumping from a kx125 to a 450 you might want to tell him to HOLD ON TIGHT!

The 450 is 15 to 20 pounds lighter than the 426.

k thanks ill tell him what u guys said. but it is a big jump from a 125 to a 450 because well i guess i can say hes not the greatest rider

Biggest differences- weight and auto decompression. That means if your coming from a 2 stroke you'll probably like the 450 better.

Oh, and like said before "hold on", there is a slight difference in the 125 power and 450 power. :applause:

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