Help wr 426 vs xr 400

Going to buy a 02 wr 426 today or a 02 Xr 400

Whats the difference?


- Faster

- Way better Suspension

- Modern Layout

- Tons more power everywhere

- Very reliable if maintained

- Stable at high speed


- Poor front suspension

- Needs Fork Brace and Steering Damper

- Same HP output as a CRF250X with more torque (way less than the WR)

- Dead reliable with little maintenance

- Turns tight and is decent in nasty slow trails

I'd buy the WR hands down. I've owned both and there is no comparison.

Go with the WR426 hands down. Way more power. You won't be dissapointed.

I'd buy the WR hands down. I've owned both and there is no comparison.

Same here...

I've owned both too at the same time,, the WR is better everywhere even to get it started (once you get the drill).

There's no reason to buy a XR in this days believe me.

yes the wr is a way better bike. the 2 bikes can not be compared at all. one is a modern race bike and the other is an older recreational bike. i personally think the xr250 is a better bike then the xr400.

Honestly, I have nothing against a XR400, but, a WR426 is in a different league. The technology difference between the two is night and day. Don't debate it, just take the plunge and get the 426. In a few weeks or months, you will wonder why you even debated it. I promise. :applause:

I have nothing against the WR426, but I bought one, spent a bunch of money trying to get it to turn (YZ seat & tank), absorb bumps (full Factory Connection rework), start easier (YZ cam), and in the end I sold it for a big lose and went back to my old XR400 because it works for me. They may be great for people with more energy to spend than me, but I beat a lot of new high dollar bikes at Hare Scrambles because my bike doesn't were me out. You will have a great and reliable bike with either one, I just wanted to counter all the other comments.

for me it was price

I found a XR400 for $1700 called them up & never got a returned call, figured it was sold

then a freind told me he would sell me his 99 yz400f for $1600 thus that's what I have

I am obviosly new to this site & I have been out of offroad riding for 14+ yrs. However I would think like others stated they both can be & are great bikes, I would just go ride them both & see what you like. You might like the older technology in the XRmore or you might like the WR

Go ride them both if you can

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