RTT integrated damper

anyone use one of these yet? i'm not too happy with the controls on my wer being out of reach :applause:

NCMM, I think last mount, in DB magazine, they had a modified KTM300MXC or EXC with an RTT Damper. Once complaint that I remember reading is that they found that the damper still had considerable resistance in the lowest setting.

I have a RTT on my 426 and love it. I have never run a Scotts, GPR, etc so I don't have anything to compare it to but it is great. Their customer service is awesome as well. It is nice to be able to adjust it on the fly. I know GPR now has a bar adjuster but it looks like it is a dial were the RTT is more like a switch allowing you to select 1/2 or off without ever taking your eyes off the trail.

I would highly recommend them. If you search back a ways in the forum there were a couple of good post about RTT stabilizers.

thanx,any problem with vibrations as their not rubber mounted?

thanx,any problem with vibrations as their not rubber mounted?

Nope, but I am running Protaper bars. For me getting the new tripple clamp was nice. I was able to run bar risers and move them forward.

havent tried the rtt but I can put in a real good word on behalf of my scotts.. you do have to take your hand off the the bars to adjust but its not at all out of reach.. plus you can buy different mounts and swap it between bikes quick and easy with only 2 screws... :applause:

I am currently using the RTT. Where the Scott has complex low and high speed dials, I use my mind and my left thumb to select the right setting, based upon what I read in the terrain.

Furthermore the RTT is integrated in the triple clamp, very important for anyone who would like to become father, sooner or later...


Great damper, the valving isn't as progressive as the scotts. But its a nice system.

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