RTT integrated damper

anyone have any experience with this unit? or comment on RTT's overall quality of their other products? my wer is ok but i sure like the idea of being able too turn it on and off with a flick of the thumb :applause:


I have been running the RTT for 3 years. I too was attracted to the "adjust on the fly" feature of the RTT. I race desert in Utah. I tend to keep the master setting on the RTT on 'full' and adjust the overall dampening with the thumb adjuster as needed.

It does offer a "free to center" like a Scotts damper does. I have had mine rebuilt once by RTT. They offer fantastic customer service(family owned and run business). Now, that being said I have had a few issues with the RTT that have required assistance from RTT---whereas my bros who are running either a Scotts or a GPR(not free to center) have had zero issues with their dampers. Typically my issues have revolved around small leaks at the thumb adjuster etc...

RTT has done some 'redesigning' of their system in the last few months. I believe you can now order an RTT in the anodized color of your choice, for instance. They have also tightened up the 'free play' in the center of the dampers throw.(It used to have more free play/slop in the center)

GPR is now offering an 'adjust on the fly' system as well. The difference with the 'thumb adjusters' is GPR has a sort of wheel/dial instead of a lever arm like RTT. I believe GPR is marketing that their dial dealie offers a more finite adjustment. (which I believe is horse *^#@!!) You simply dont need a super finite adjustment---full on, half on, or completley off is more than enough adj. than you will ever need---IMO.

I have also spoken with Jason Morgan(one of RTT owners and designers) in regards to the GPR system. He had the oppurtunity to play around with one earlier this year. Jason told me that the dial/wheel is difficult to 'roll' into the exact position you are looking for consistently(this was my concern when I looked at it)

RTT does have a deal with Fastway that enables them to cleanly incorporate Fastways bark busters into the top bar clamp of the RTT---super slick.


If you have any specific questions let me know..

cool, thanx for the in depth reply :eek: the only concerns i have are ,i run a too tech subtank that mounts right in front of the triple clamp (about 1" higher and 1/2" forward of the front of the fork cap. its hard to tell how far it protrudes where the number wheel is. if its level with the rest its no prob. and the other being that i run rubber mounted bars now (hurricanes) and wonder how much more vibration there would be,as the RTT's are solid mount? i already run tapered bars(fatbars) so i don't know what else to do for vibration(there's plenty of it in a yz450!) i've tried faast bar inserts and they didn't do a dang thing. i do like the adjustability in the RTT's though :applause:

I have an RTT on my YZ250, and really love it. It's been problem-free, and I like the low profile that stays out of the way. I ordered the Fastway FIT system w/ it, and was disappointed in it. I would have had to either cut down my Pro Tapers 1/2-1" each side to make them fit, or bent the crap out of them w/ a vise. Room inside the bark busters already seemed pretty limited vs. the Cycra Pro Bends I was used to, so I returned them.

NC Mountainman--

I think if you need specifics on wether your sub-tanks would cleanly mount or not you may want to contact RTT....http://www.rttmotorsports.com/...I am sure Jason(owner) can give you good info.

(I dont think you will have any difficulties with the sub-tanks---IMO)

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