5th gear issue

i have had a dodgy fith gear for ages i just live with it

I would not automatically replace the bearings, I would inspect them if they have developed rough spots, if no seizures let sleeping dog's lie.
What you can't tell about a bearing is how fatigued the surfaces are, and when they might start spalling (flaking up of the load bearing surfaces). Consider the job the bearing does, what it's been through, and how heavily loaded it is in operation. Then take your best guess. Or replace it. You pays your money and you takes your chances, as they say. I would replace the main bearings, given the opportunity.

Have to agree there, bearings are cheap and will probably go in w/out a press (so I hear) if you chill the bearing etc., unless the cases are new, in which case they are a real bear.

Yeah, it looks like it's the picture of the YZF-R1 trans. How'd you get down the list that far?

Not sure, when it comes to me & computers there is no such thing as idiot proof. :D

Yeah, that was a sportbike trans fiche I linked to, sorry... :D

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