Suspension PSI Settings Anybody??

Can any of you guys tell me what pressure should be in the forks and rear shock on a '98 xr600? Mine are showing 1psi on the front which seems a little low to me, also is it air or nitrogen in them?? As far as I know all the shockers are stockers but I could be wrong seeing as the previous owner was a chimp with a cheap adjustable If you wonder why I said that, you've not just spent 8 hours trying to sort out the electrics....on an xr for gods sake! How simple can you get?? So if he managed to butcher the engine, electrics and the oil drain plugs, god only knows whats in the oil and propane???? Kinky....Cheers guys

The front are air.

The manual states that we have 0 psi with no pressure on the front end(up on a stand). I know, sounds wierd but that is it.

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