help needed!!

i have a 98 wr400f.. yesterday, my bike juz died on me while i was trying to tune my newly installed 2nd generation yz first the bike runs fine but there's a flat spot up in the midrange, n slight popping when decelarate..wat i did was to move down the needle clip 1 notch down to richen it n turn out the fuel screw a 1/4 started easily..rev up the bike for a few times n there a slight throttlesnap bog then it suddenly died on cudnt start any the bike will give a loud backfire when i tried to start...

i tot i had fouled my plugs so i tried changing new plug..but still refuse to start n i pulled out the plug n found dat it's wet with engine oil :applause: ..

i also juz found dat i had a kink in my crank breather hose.. cud it be becoz my valve seals damage due to the kinked breather hose :) i still have compression on my bike...n i checked the plug sparks n it seems ok...i'm thinking dat the valve seals r gone... :eek:

help needed b4 i open up the engine....anyone?? :applause:

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