Dual Sport Wheel Size?

I have an XR650R that is dual sported, mostly for desert rides in state parks like Death Valley. I have an extra front wheel and I'm building new black rims for it now. I was thinking of building a street only wheel too like a 19". I would run the stock 18" rear with a street tire and the 19? front. Has anyone done this and know what the hot set-up is? Where I can get the right rim and spokes for my stock front hub.

I'm kind of keen on a good recomendation on this too. I have mates who run motards (that I'm keen on too) with 17"" front and rear with radial sportsbike tyres. But I've run road tyres in the stock sizes (metzeler me33/lasertech in 21/18) and they do great on the road. Not quite motard stuff, but pretty handy anyway. I wonder is there was a 19" front size that was better all round :applause:

I had an idea while I was tinkering around. What if a lace up my 18" rear on the front hub. If it works I can run a 110-80x18 on the front and a 140-80x18 on the rear. :applause:

i was thinking of doing the same thing. 18" on the front and the rear.

I have a set of Metzlers that I ran on my CRF. Its a 21 front and a 19Front tire ran on the rear backwards. Worked great. I used them for a 1/2 of a trackday. Someone can have them for $50 plus shiping.

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