Why Does My Wr-450 Suck

CASE 1.....I rode my mates DRZ400 (04) with stock suspension and I can ride it faster and harder then my WR450 (04) because it handles better, as in it absorbs rocks and bumps and gives a smoother ride giving me confidence to put the power down harder.

CASE 2 Today I rode another mates WR250 (03) with stock suspension and it blew me away, he's bike is so much better then mine in the handling department, which again lead to me being able to ride harder and faster, I can't describe how impressed I was with the 03 it lifted my confidence up dramatically and I was flogging his bike with ease and never felt like loosing it. (my bars are stock and he has GYTR bars and clamp)

I set my clickers to match the 03 but it still sux compared to his bike.

ANY THOUGHTS.. :applause:

drz = soft suspension=plush ride over rocks etc at slow speed.

nothing handles like a 250 so forget the comparison!

P.S. Whats with your avatar?? it's a bit small to read!

What avatar???? There's nothing to read. :eek:

With the 250 v 450 isn't the only difference the weight of the motor :applause:

try backing your compressions all the way out the go from there.It made a huge difference on my bike especially when hiting rocks and logs.Do the front first under the forks.

I've already gone 18 out, it still sux.

Put your suspension back to the factory settings and don't touch them! The factory settings are pretty much on the money.

When is the last time you changed your fork oil???

WR250's are easier to ride because the suspension and handling determines where you go but the on the WR450's, it is the motor which determines where you go (or often where you end up!).

I changed the oil 2 rides ago and it did make a big difference, I will put it back to factory settings and try it out, the 250 impressed me so much if I can't get mine to handle similar I might even trade mine for one.

The 250's rock! So much fun to ride, but when it comes to the crunch, there is no way I would have one instead of the 450.

Buy an '06 YZ450 and put your headlight and number plate on it. I am thinking about it myself!

I'll say it again.

More power = less handling

But you definitely have some suspension issues.

Greg, is the suspension set up for your weight?

My 426 was a sack of shit, until I got a stiffer rear spring, and heavier weight fork oil. My forks are still a bit soft, but i've got a million things to do around the house. When I get time, i'll fit heavier fork springs too. :applause:

My rider sag and static sag have been set to suit my weight (125kg) and they measure fine on the original spring

My rider sag and static sag have been set to suit my weight (125kg) and they measure fine on the original spring

I went to a 6kg shock spring and .50kg fork springs for my 110kg weight.

Just this alone has made the biggest improvement on my bike ever.

Something is not right with my fork dampening at the moment, so I am going to bite the bullet and send my suspension away to get revalved and set up properly.

I suggest you do the same and send your suspension away. It is the easiest and BEST way to do it.

My springs cost me about $300 from Ballards. Racetech gold valves for both ends cost about $300. Servicing for both ends cost about $300. The best mod you can ever do for under $1000.

I'm just about to go the dealer and have a word to them about it, they have a great mechanic working for them, he's spose to be good with suspension also.

Thanks for your input Matty

I forget sometimes that other people aren't so isolated as me!

My nearest bike shop is 1000kms away! Yeah, go talk to them first.

I think Yamaha has their fork valving so messed up that it is amazing we can ride the bikes at all. A decent revalve will make a huge difference.

I am kicking my own butt for putting up with my stock forks for 2 years. I will know better next time.

I spoke with the mech today and I'm getting new front tyre more suited to the conditions I ride in and new rear tyre which I was due for anyway and moving forks up higher in the clamps, he told me to let him know how it goes, it may need a revalve and bigger spring to suit 125kg arse.

Hi Greg, mate I have the 05 450 and weighing in at 102kg found the standars suspension hopeless. Went from a 4.8 to a 5.6 rear spring, gold valves setup by terry hay front and rear and it was a complete transformation. I'd say 125 needs some mods to help. Winding down the original spring to get the sag right can't be right surely the rest of the travel must be harsh. Give someone a go with your suspension before buying a 250, sheeez

G'Day Luckyfly,

After speaking with my mechanic, I will spend $$$ on my 450 to improve it's handling, I may even buy a 250 for the times I ride the tighter trails, just have to clear that purchase with The Minister Of Finance (the wife).

I know understand that I can not expect the 450 to handle like a 250, so I will have both, that should fix the problem.

Mate just practice a bit more-rather than spending all that money on a 250 fer crying out loud spend it on petrol!!! There is absolutely no reason you cant go anywhere on a 450 that a 250 can. Shit Ive sen 4 wheelers go up and over some of the most horrendous terrain imaginable no problem at all, on one particular hill climp that was rutted and muddy as I would have bet $1000 he wouldnt make it up, lucky I didnt though!!!

I know what your saying, but I can and do go where-ever my mates 250 can go, he can't keep up with me infact, it just blew me away how easy it was to ride much more flickable and could power slide through corners much easier.

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