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Hi! My name is Jim. I am new to the site. I just sold my 01 Bombardier DS650 (could not get comfortable on a quad being raised on bikes) and bought an absolutely mint 99YZ400F. I got a killer deal on it from a guy who just didnt ride it enough to keep it. It has around 5or 6 hours of use -no BS! I got the bike, a nice Thor hemet, some Thor pants, some goggles, and kneepads for $3000. I was wondering if any of you have put a trail light kit on one of these, and whats involved and what the best kit is available. Also is there anything I should be concerned with about the bike? The guy I bought it from was meticulous and he changed the oil and cleaned out the screen and all, so I dont see me doing anything right away. Thanks!

2 thursday's ago I purchased a 99 YZ400f, it' has more then 5-6 hrs but I payed $1600 for it & I also received a helmet, gloves, boots & some misc parts.

I talked to the prev owner last night & he suggested that I scheck for loose screws at every ride.

I am also thinking of the trail light kits, but they are $400-500 :applause:

Wow! I thought I scored big! Im not at all disapointed with how much I spent though. In my area, it seems people want way too much for their toys! I sold my wheeler for 3800, and that puts 800 in my pocket for whatever- a light kit most likely!! I see Dakar has a couple different ones that Ill be checking into.

yea, I was in the process of fixing my 1986 yamahe TT225 which I purchased new back in 86. It's been sitting since 91 & I had it mostly torn apart. Then I remembered a friend who I met via a fish website was into motorcross & I mentioned to him about riding sometime. He informed me that he was selling his bike so he could get a bigger fishtank. So I asked him what he was going to ask for the bike knowing it was $1000 or so more then I could afford & he said he would sell it to me for $1700. A day later I offered him $1600 & picked it up 2 days later. It's was a deal I couldn't afford to pass up :applause:

I was thinking of adding lights to my bike as well then I was thinking electric start would be nice so possibly I might go with a WR 45o next year

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