Lowering Radiators XR650R

No Toil Filter, new fender, spark plug, AND a new inner tube!!!!


Hey Homodude,

Throw in a half bottle of Mobil red-cap, and I'll think you'll finally get some takers.


Its not just lowering the CG that helps, its also getting stuff on the same vertical level as the CG.

Moving the radiators down won't affect the CG much because they don't weigh much, BUT-

since a bike leans by rotating around the CG, moving the radiators down does decrease the size of the arc they describe around where the bike is actually pivoting, and making that arc smaller will decrease the amount of energy required to lean/rotate the bike.

All this is probably less important for a dirt bike, but for a street bike it can make a big difference.

A while back ELF decided to mount the gas tank below the bike, to lower the CG. Turns out the bikes were difficult to get into a turn because it moved the pivot point of the bike too close to the ground.

Turns out that when you lean a bike into a turn, the CG goes straight, and you steer the wheels out from under the bike. Going into a left-hand-turn, the wheels go right out from under the bike, the points above the CG go to the left, and the CG goes straight (and down).

After all that happens, the bike can begin to turn.


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