to the bars

I finally cratered my stock bars on my WR450 in a desert race and have never really looked into replacing bars. So many options, sizes, and specs, kinda got me wondering which bars would be the best replacement. I am a small rider, but heavy on the gas. Any suggestions ???

After bending the uncounted number of 7/8" bars, I got a set of Protapers and I've had them for years. They cost basically the same as regular bars except that you have to get adapters or a new top triple clamp. I went for the new top clamp but I got a pretty good deal so the cost wasn't that bad. I have crashed bad a bunch of times but all that happens is that the forks get tweaked in the clamps. All I have to do is loosen the pinch bolts, straighten everything out and retighten the pinch bolts and I'm good to go.

Protapers has a lot of different bends to choose from, too.

And they look good.

I suggest the GYTR fat bar and triple clamp set.

Here in Australia, nothing comes close to the value of this combo from Yamaha.

It is a nice adjustability and a sweet gold colour too!

I have had both the Pro Tapers and Renthall Twinwalls. Both are great. Both are tough as hell. For me, I like the Twinwalls better, no real reason, I just like them. Pro Tapers are a little cheaper, both take the adapters to fit. Either of them would be a great choice.

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