Dead battery

I have an 00 XR650R motard with the classic DS kit. I left my running lights on overnight (position 2 on the switch) and the battery seems to be totally flat. I read the manual they have online and went for a ride to recharge the battery (about an hour) and still, nothing works. The horn, brake light, running light, headlight, nothing. Oh and I was wailing on the bike pretty good, rpms were hardly ever below 4000 so you'd think it would have some sort of charge. The wiring hasn't been touched and before last night, everything was working. The kit has been on there for about 4 years - could my pack be on the way out and this just finished it off?

What do you think (other than I'm a moron for leaving the lights on) :applause:

The batteries are the first thing to go on the BD kits, throw a battery eliminator in there.

The white brothers works great, it's all you need.

Has anyone made their own? I don't see why I couldn't just go to an electronics shop and get one with the same rating. Does anyone know what the numbers are?

I'm on my second "do it yourself" battery . I went to harbor freight and bought the cheapest re-chargable "AA" batteries I could find. Named brand re-chargables were to expencive. I cut open B/D's battery rap, removed the dead batteries, and soldered the the cheap "AA" batteries in as a replacement. It worked great untill I left the switch on overnight again.

The second time I was a little more carefull to shut it totally off. It still didn't last that long! I'm not sure if the life spand issue was due to leaving the swith on to long with the engine off, just plain old cheap batteries, or if this set up just plain sucks?

8-AA (or is it 10-AA) batteries seem very weak for this aplication any way.

One thing I'm sure of is, that with out a key to kill the engine and all of the eletrical power, I will eventually walk away from the bike again with the power left on.

I'm going to get a battey eliminator soon to be done with that weak battery design. I'm also sending my stator in soon for a re-wire job.

PS, does any know if one of these battery eliminator kits will keep a the head light

illuminated while the brake light is activated just as it would with a fresh battery? A stock stator with a fresh battery seemed to do this fairly well, at least for a short time.

If your headlight won't work with the brakelight on your headlight bulb is to high in wattage.

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