Hi All

2nd post no one could answer to the 1st post so far we have howard,Bob Bicthen,Criag,Steve,Robe laird[he was distict 36 A open enduro 1st place for 1999] and Mike Hays AA open 1st place 1999 camping,and myself,We got Mike[ktm] DAN,JOHN,MARTY,AND 3 OTHERS COMING UP FOR A DAY RIDE.i WILL TRY TO GET THE BIG camp area at the end of davis flat if it is open.Any one eles wanting to come let me know and i'll give you dicrtion,it's going to be a geart ride it has been rianing up there for two days and by next week sunny and warm 60's



I'm tring to come up for a day ride. which day is best for a one day ride. I had to much fun on thanksgiving ride hope to see everybody there.


99wr400-IMS-seat and tank, stock timing, stock jetting

Hi Marty

Sat, would be the best so you have some time to recoup,hope you can make it.Marry xamas.


Bringing out the BIG GUNS Monty or is that Bobs doing? :D Too cool I've never ridden with a AA rider b4 should be a humbling experience. Suppose I should go out and get a new roost shield for christmas. On second thought I think I'll just hide behind Monty :)

Merry Christmas, huge

You will like these guys Huge lots of fun.I talk to Bob Bicthen today I he said, hays wont make it but Tony Elmoe should be there he is A-OPEN winner for this year [CR500]


bummed. :) I can't make Saturday. Sorry guys, I would have loved to see that back side of the mountain, but I will have to wait until the next ride.

Have a great safe ride.

Mike in Roseville

Hi All

Just got back from stonyford droping my trialer off i am at the 1st camp spot at davis flat on your right.


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