For you yellow Yammi lovers...


Sweet! Yes!

that's awesome to see, he'd be loving those colors, remind him of home..

I love that look!! Where in the world do you get a yellow tank? That is all that is stopping me from doing that.

i saw it in person and wow it looks sick.... but where do u get a yellow tank cuz im going to make my 250f yellow this winter...


Clarke Tanks make them in just about any color!!!


That is sweet but it looks even better with the aluminum frame. Had a chance to see a 2006 this weekend - not only is the look sweet but the fit and finish is dramatically improved.

Yamaha went with the old color scheme at this years moto GP at Laguna Seca. It was to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Both Edwards and Rossi's bikes were black and yellow. Very cool looking.

This is my old 426 I had last year.



Sorry about the caps, got excited.

What is the total cost for this makeover?


One Industries makes the kit.

there is just something about the yellow that i like....i guess its because its yamaha's old school colors.

Having the 05 frame powdercoated black as they did really makes the bike look good in yellow....otherwise in blue it looks terrible

I would say more than $179.99 it you want it to look the best it could.You could powdercoat your frame for around $300 and also get a yellow tank for like $200.So for around $600-700 you can have a bike that shows no signs of being a yamaha.

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