Help with installing camshaft

I just had my head redone by XR's only and am putting my bike back together. I seem to be having a difficult time with the camshaft. I've got the cylinder at TDC - now what? The Clymers manual isn't a darn at this point. Looks to me like the timing chain sproket can go on the cam either way - it doesn't appear to be offset - so - if I install the cam with the lobes down can I just bolt the sprocket on or is it marked to go on a particular way. Should the marks (-) on the sproket be pointing vertical or horizontal at TDC? Also - before I put the cam in - the chain freewheels on the timing gear easily. When the cam is in it seems to be binding - is it suppose to be easy to turn? chain also seems tight - like i don't even need a tensioner. Any help with this would appreciated.

Thanks - buenodude

the lines are vertical on the sprocket. is it a new chain you are putting in? the line match up perfect with the head with a new and dont with a old one i have seen before from being stretch a little.

be CERTAIN of the cam sprocket alignment marks in reassembly - get it wrong and you will bend valves. I do rebuilds on the old HOnda XL motors all the time and the cam sprocket marks are _____ 0 _______ horizontal (flush)with the head, cam lobes down, piston at TDC (or "T" mark on the flywheel) when all is positioned correctly. I just did a 1975 XL350 motor where someone at some time got it wrong and both exhaust valves were bent. I would think that not much has changed and cam timing is the same on Big Red as it is on the old boys...

Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help - I appreciate it. I got it in and everything seems OK. Now that its done I need to adjust the valves - .04 on the intake and .05 on the exhuast. How do you identify the exhuasts - are they at the front of the head where the exhaust comes out?

Yes, they are the ones in front. leave the piston at TDC when adjusting the valves.

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