good torquey gearing for an xr 600

hey all, i want more torque outa my 98 600 and the easiest anjd cheapest way i know of to do that is to change the gearing on the bike. it has the setup of 14 front 48 rear, i wanted to run a 13 front and a 48 rear. will this change the torque that much or do i need a bigger rear as well. does anyone know a good setup for lots of torque? does anyone know where i can get a 13 tooth front sprocket? any help will be apprieciated.

I ran a 13 front on my 600 from time to time. It made a pretty big difference and was helpful when riding the tight stuff, first and second gear were fun but say good bye to your top end speed. I think my 13 tooth was a Sprocket Specialists. I bought mine on ebay for $6 and was able to use the stock length chain.

I run 13/50 on my 650r. Going down 1 tooth on the front is like going up 3 teeth on the back. You will be able to tell a difference.

I just changed to a 13 on my 95 600R and it did make a difference. I can pretty much climb anything. Top speed is an issue but I think the bike still does about 80. Lots of torque

I ran a 13 on mine for tight woods as well. That allowed me to use other gears besides 1st and 2nd. In fact, I just went supermoto and have no need for the 13T if interested. It only has about 200 miles on it.

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