WR400 Needs A Soft Seat

I have a 98 wr400. The bike is awesome however, the seat is rock hard. Any one have any suggestions or know of a specific seat to be soft? I currently have switched the CEET wide foam. If is better but still not soft. This seat and the OEM seems to be harder that most MX race bike seats. I am surprised based on this bike purpose. Any suggestions will be appreciated.



try www.gutsracing.com. they make aftermarket seat foam in different levels of firmness. i think the foam is around $60.00 and the seat cover will run you another $50.00 or so. i don't have one myself, but others on this site rave about them.

This will come off as a smart ass response.....my best advice is to ride it, ride it and ride it. After a while you'll get used to it. I have an IMS seat/tank on mine and after the first couple of rides I thought I would never get used to how hard the seat is. I have done 200+mile days on mine and as you would expect ....I have had my share of monkey butt.

Another obvious point is to stand more...especially when your back side is feeling it.

I kind of agree with rockie. I put the Guts tall foam kit that Guts recommended on my 00 400 and while a big improvement in comfort it was way too tall for me. So I installed an sdg seat. While not really a comfort seat, it was more comfortable than the stocker. If you have enough inseam you might be a candidate for the guts or effex seats.

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