1989 XR100 Setting Point Gap

Can anybody Help,

My sons 1989 XR100 has developed an engine miss, which I suspect is either Points or possibly the Stator (I'm guessing).

I also have a 1980 XR80 and swapped its Coil and condensor and no difference. Still runs like a dog.

Tried another Spark Plug and another Spark Plug Cap , again no difference, still missing.

The engine miss is rather eratic.

Pulled down the carbie and cleaned it, athough it was pretty clean to start with. No problems there either, engine still missing.

I've now pulled off the the Flywheel and cannot figure out how to set the point gap, as the points do not appear to operate off the main crank, so how do you set the points gap to the recommended .012-.015 thou gap ????

I must be loosing it !!!!



The flywheel has to on the crank to set them. Just look through the hole in the flywheel and you can see the points. you adjust them through there. Did you have a new set if points??? Also, you might want to consider a CDI ignition, your problem will be solved. They are on ebay all the time.

Thanks for the information.

Does the flywheel need to be aligned to any particular mark (ie T or F), to set the point gap ???

I will certainly keep an eye out for a CDI unit from the XR100.

Would you know whether any other CDI unit fits the XR100R 1989 model ???

Many Thanks again


You do not set the point gap, you set the timing.

On small Honda's with the points under the flywheel, you set the points so they just break (open) when the mark on the case lines up with the F mark on the flywheel.

The gap is automatic, if you have set the timing at the F mark, and the gap does not fall in between the min. & max. gap listed in the Honda manual (usually too little gap when the points are worn) then you need to replace them.

Make sure you are turning the flywheel in the proper direction, where you come to the F mark before the T mark.

Thanks for the information.

I'll check it out this weekend, during daylight, so I can see what I'm doing.

I'm hoping that the points have closed abit and this is causing the poor acceleration and the miss fire problem.

Last weekend, it certainly looked like the points were'nt opening at all.

Strange, the bike was going great one minute, then all of a sudden the problem developed.

Thanks again


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