Can an xr 600 lift the front tire in every gear??


Raw hp , No . But I know a guy that can on a moped! So a lot depends on rider. ( bounce /preload technique)

What's the top speed on that?


I know this sounds ridiculous, but my 87 xr250 has crazy power for an old four stroke, I could flip it over backwords in 3rd gear. Not that I would want to.

It's all in your technique............. :applause:

Well with Nitros and a good tire it should be able to.

If you want to do that just keep gearing it lower till you can-you could win a lot of bets that way!

I could get mine up in 4th with a little tug on the bars running 13/48. Wonder what it would do if I kept that gearing with the smaller supermoto tire setup ;-)?

Hey brp Tim any problems dual sporting a 650R in mass? thanx.

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