Grand Junction? Moab?

MY buddy and I are headed to grand junction early on monday to do some riding, so far we have only been able to ride on motox tracks and i look forward to some trail riding. we will probably head to moab for a few days on tuesday, if anyone is in the area and would like to hook up for a ride or has knowledge of the area in grand junction any help would be apperciated. i have been all over moab on my mtn bike but i cant remember which trails are motorcycle friendly. (probably most if i had the balls). also in grand junction is the main riding area just to the east of GJ north of 70?

A few of us will be in Moab starting next friday for about five days, will you be there then?

There is a desert race in dubinky area, which is about 20 miles north east of moab, and about 70 miles west of grand juction, on saturday 3/10/01 big bikes start at 12:00 noon, and they will run two 35 mile loops... come down and have a ball !!!!!

See ya Coop39

Definately go and do the race at Dubinky. The race will start at 12:00. If you are not interested in racing, ride the sport class which will be one 35 mile loop. Novice will do two loops and amature/expert will do three. The Bookcliff MC has been working on this event with the BLM and jumping through the hoops for two years. The club paid $15,000 to conduct an inventory on the trail. Today SUWA (the antis) put out an alert requesting that the BLM stop this event and for all suwites to converge on the race to protest. We need to support this event. Please come.

mike, i will be gone by next thursday but i will be in those parts all spring on and off as i have a month and a half off from work, perks of being a bartender in a ski town, so i'll run into you one of these times.

coop and allinson, i've never raced before but it sounds like a blast, i won't have weekends off till the end of april, if there is any more races in may or the end of april i would be interested.

thanx john

I just have to spout off about SUWA. Those people will not be happy until every bit of puplic land in southern utah is wilderness area. They can't seem to understand that not everybody wants to use their public land in the same way. I for one am glad that this race is being held again. It has been a long time since it has been held, and these events need to carry on to protect our rights to ride offroad.

I just went to and found who they are asking the environazi's to complain to at the BLM. I then sent the BLM a letter thanking them for working with the Bookcliff Rattlers to make the event possible. There, I feel just a bit better now.

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JTinWP. If you are interested in riding in this area give me a call. I live in Emery County. Usually with a two week notice I can adjust my schedule. We ride the San Rafeal Swell, Moab and Ten Mile.


i'd love to check out the san rafeal swell as would a few of my buddies, i will get in touch when i plan the next trip, email me at jtoc3@yahoo with your #. i tried a search on whitepage directories but the info i had was not enough to narrow it down, unless you live in eureka and i could call one of your many realitives for the motoheads number.

be in touch


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