White Bros. E series set up or quiet street pipe.

Just got the BRP tagged......woooHooo! 8 months and I am legal! Long story and I am not going there!

I have Motarded the bike with most of the standard changes, wheels, tires, front brake set up, fat bars, front fender, rear fender with LED, brake switch....

I need a softer seat, a mirror set up that works and gearing suggestions.

I need some suggestions on what works for the number of plates to run for quiet power.

The mods are as follows:

Edelbrock carb, stock settings from the box

Air box mods with Barnums side plate cut out and Uni filter

White Bros pipe with 10 plates and spark arrestor plate.

The bike has 15/46 gearing. I wish there was a 16 tooth sprocket avalible so I am thinking, 42 rear.

I am located in Central Alabama at 800 ft. above sea level.


With the White Bros header, "E" series pipe, 12 discs and quiet core insert I test at 96.0 db, just enough to make it legal in CA. WIth 10 discs it was 94.4 db.

wait, less disks, louder pipe? whats with that?

I run it with all the discs, no smog, Uni, and the carb mods. Its a bit loud when your on it, but i like setting off all the car alarms !

I dont run the Quiet Core as of yet...

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