removing throttle cables (Edlebrock install)

Can somebody give me a crash course on removing throttle cables. I'm trying to install an edlebrock carb. While I'm somewhat handy, my experience working on bikes is similar to my experience in winning lotteries.

1) take off seat, tank

2) loosen carb from intake manifold and airbox boot.

3) rotate carb loose from manifold and boot.

4) remove cables from top of carb.

5) note routing of cables--then remove entire throttle and cables from bike.

install edelbrock in reverse.

Loosen the two phillips head screws on the throttle tube assembly. Remove the stock throttle assembly from the handlebars. When I switched carbs I left the throttle assemblies attached to the carb. Like mentioned above, pay attention to the routing of the cables. When reinstalling the tank be sure the throttle cables do not get caught on the left side of the fuel tank.

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