2005 WR high/inconsistent idle problem

My buddy came riding with us on a left over 05WR450 he just picked up. It had 6 miles on it at the start of the day and 26 miles at the end of the day.

For the entire day it behaved like a two-stroke with a lean pilot jet. When ever you let off the throttle, the engine wouldn't return to idle speed right away. You had to wait a good 30 seconds for it to drop down to a reasonable idle rpm. I'd guess when you let off the throttle, the engine tried to hold a 2500rpm for 30 seconds before dropping down.

This bike had only 6 miles on it and is totally bone stock without a scratch on it.

Any advice is appreciated!

I don't know if you have yet but maybe check the stock settings to make sure their right. Sounds like the fuel screw may be turned in to far. Also I know it is brand new and all but maybe check for air leaks too. Had to come back and edit, a extended fuel screw may help alot, here is a link to the store where you can see it.

Extended fuel screw

yep, that's an '05. between the air pump and the covered up fuel screw, it's hard to figure out just what it wants to do. use the search feature. find out what every other '05 owner is doing. at the very least, get the little metal plug out to uncover the fuel screw. then back it out about half a turn at a time. make sure not to turn it out more than three times from all the way in. you run the risk of having it fall out.

Happened to me to.Ended up that the hot start cable was to tight around the sterring head and would pull the hot start at the carbi end.Check your cable routing around the frame / steering and bars.Did you change bars recently?.Mine was worse if i stopped with the bars turned left.

I hated the crapy idle ect. put in a JD jet kit removed air pump and added fuel screw. all about 100.00 and it pissed me off to have to spend that on a new bike :applause: But its now on and all funny problems are gone. just do it you wont regret it. (also remove the exhaust insert if you have not already.)also cut the throttle stop screw while its apart. :eek::)

The stock bike is just so plugged up it is strangled.

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