chain slider worn out at 2900mls

chain slider worn out at 2900 Miles. Dose that sound too soon to anyone.

Mine was history at 1500......

I had 4000 miles on my L and it looked new, and now my R still looks new with about 500, so maybe you need some more lube.

chain slider worn out at 2900 Miles. Dose that sound too soon to anyone.

Sounds Like You Are Running Your Chain To Tight. :applause::eek:

Just One Mans Opinion. :)

I bought my 2001 used, now has 7,700 miles on the clock .. the original owner was a maintenance freak (like me), his records showed 'clean, oil, and adjust chain' repeatedly ... the original swingarm slider is maybe 2/3 worn thru at one small point,.. I was surprised at how soft a plastic it is, I figured it to be tougher than that (I am thinking about using one of those 'plastic welders' to fill the grooves, and see how that holds up,... I'm not that cheap, I just like to experiment) :applause:

I like to think I keep my chain well lubricated. I use the old spray Grease that attracts all the dirt. I need to start using something else. I'm going to pick up a new slider and maybe try WD40 for chain lube. I think the dirt that collects on the white spray Grease acts as a hard core abrasive on the slider. I'm sure my chain tention is correct

If yer a fat barstard like me, the chain never touches the top slider...


:):applause::p:eek::p Funny

Mine has aboat 2500 mi on it and shows almost no wear.

Went to the After market shop and got a new chain slider. I dint know the company (mrs hp????) but the slider fit good. One thing I noticed was that the new slider is MUCH harder. I would think the ware one this one will be much less.

So dose anyone have one of thees sliders? One thing I did notice is that the new harder slider makes alot more noise.

Come back with a report when you have a few good miles on the new slider and let us know how it looks. I have just over 5000 miles on my 02L and it looks good. I just put on a new Xring chain and sprockets because last time I got cheap and bought a regular DID 520 non-oring chain. I lube it regularly but when you go on 200-300 mile trips it streches pretty good.

No stretch, just dry metal on dry metal rubbing itself away. I've managed to keep my non- O-ring chain almost free from any adjusting with weekly soakings in a bath of 90w gear oil.. If I miss a week though, that chain dries out in all of the critical areas, and I have to adjust the cams back to compensate. When it dries out is the only times I have to do any adjusting whatsoever.

Keep the original rear sprocket from your 650L. Mine had no measurable wear at 42,000 miles. It outlasted 5 O-ring chains, and 3 countershaft sprockets. When (if) my Ironman rear Sprocket wears out, I'll be putting the rear original rear sprocket back on.

'95 650L: >52,000 miles and growing.

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