what exhaust to use on my yzf400

i just recently purchased a pro circuit t4 and a big gun race.if anyone has used these which would be better for my bike i will be racing mx.and do they make power from where in the power range.any help would great newbie to the thumper

Um........i like FMF, thats what I run. I dont think that you will notice a huge diff in the Hp department. The power band will change though. With my FMF it gave a big hit(in the MID Range). I rode a 400 with a big gun and it smoothed out the powerband(felt weaker to me).. i could hold onto each gear longer than my bike.

Hope that I helped!....Keith

Mostly 2nd gear and up....

I had the chance to ride my bike (02 YZ426) with the FMF Powerbomb and the Pro Circuit T-4 on the same day/track. For me, the bike would "bark" harder coming out of the corners with the T-4 so I went out and purchased the P.C. system. Good luck! :applause:

It seems to me since you already own both of pipes it would be a cinch to try both and use which ever one you like best. :applause: After all, you're the one who's going to ride it. Who cares what we think. :eek:

i've not yet tried either exhaust cause not sure of jetting issues.would like peoples opinions of experience with these two pipes.if you own one what is your jetting,i live in georgia

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