Enduro 426 vs wr250f

I rode my first enduro last week and only made 24/25 miles due to the key holding my flywheel on splitting. I bought the 2001 wr250f today. Anyone know anything about this bike? I got tired of trying to turn my 2000 yz426 into a wr. We'll see what happens in my enduro next week. Happy riding.

I will deffinately take suggestions in riding.I haven't ridden in 15 years. I seemed to be in everyones way more than anything. I am still going to shorten my pro tapers to 29 or 30 inches. I think I will try 30 first.


God Bless

I just did my first enduro last weekend too. Hadn't been on a dirtbike in 20+ years. It was a gas on my wr426. Started at the back. When I wanted to pass someone...no problemo. Don't know much about the wr250. I'll be listening into those riding suggestions though.

Good luck.

Oh yeah, it's a good idea to try your handlebars at 30 first, unless your a good welder and all....aww, you know what i mean.

30" is where the levers will just clear your handguards when the perches are just beginning to enguage on the bend of the handlebar.

You could go shorter, I guess, if you cut the levers down.

This has been my experience...

Thanks, I will try 30 inches and see if that works.

If I ride my new wr250f monday for 2 or 3 hours, and then again 2 or 3 hours Sat, will it be ok to ride a 80 mile enduro Sunday? I'm just wondering if it will broken in enough.


God Bless

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