some silly questions!!

hi guys, here are some silly mod questions...

1. will a rear brake pump from newer 04' yz fit the old wr400f mounts? :p

2. will a 40mm crf carb bring on any benefits to a wr400 with hotcams and bigbore kit (440cc) or should i just stick on to the 39mm ones...? :p

3. and should i cut holes on the air box to make it breathe better? :applause:

thanks for helping me solve all this mystery !! :):eek:

not sure bout the crf carb, i doubt it would make much diff, could even make it worse, i would stick with the 39mm.

the rear master cylinder should fit, and will eliminate the plastic external resovoir

yes cuttin holes in the airbox will make it breathe better, but u need to be careful about dirt/water entering the air box, put some round plastic inserts and fish filter foam and it should be ok.

remember to rejet cause itl lean out.

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