I need to replace the accelerator pump diaphragm in my '98 wr 400 and when I did a parts search, I found they have 3 optional part numbers and one standard.

What are the optional diaphragms used for... Are they different size, different material to limit the amount of spray? Do any one know?




Check out the JD Jetting site www.jdjetting.com They have replacement diaphrams that might help you figure out which one you need... Get the JD jetting kit if you don't already have one they rock! :applause:

I ordered the JD Jetting kit and it just arrived. The current jetting I am using is a little tempermental for the higher elevations. I'm guessing JD is on vacation since I have not seen a response to a email I sent.

And ways, I was just wondering if the different diaphragms are stiffer to limit the duration. I did the "BK" equivilent for the '98 already by using the "RC" collar.


The diaphragms have different length studs on them to either increase or limit the travel over stock. I have three different diaphragms for my '05 that I'm going to play with to see which works best for my altitude, 5000'+...SC

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