What's better in the desert, WR450 or DRZ400E?

Hey byggd, It could be just me

Naaaa....it's probably me. I've only had my thumper for a couple months and am still learning to harness the power :applause: plus I'm getting old and heal much more slowly :eek:

MXJunky currently owns an '02 DRZ400E with piles and piles of booyah aftermarket goodies, and a one day old Dub-R450. Have yet to really ride the big bore blue sickle, but MXJunkys Dirz lost compression the night before last! Talk about a bummer, that stupid yellow bike has less than 2500 miles on it! Well, MXJunky has yet to pull the Dirz apart, but is nonetheless pissed that the Dirz took a shit like that!

I would think for cruising the XR would be a better choice than the DRZ, only because the yama TT doesn't come with a big enough motor :applause:

This is from a new 03 WR450 owner, only had the WR a few months now. But I've owned 11 other bikes the most previous being a 2000 YZ 250. The Wr is a very satisfying machine(even though some dis the 03's). Great power but manageable for even a rookie to handle, unless of course you do some modifications to make it a monster like I have. You would be more than satisfied with this bike and unless your friends you ride with are very advanced, this bike will keep up with whatever they are riding. Also very reliable. I personally have not ridden a DRZ but I just made friends with a guy that has one so I'm sure we will swap rides and give each others a run, I would bet money he will want to ride the WR again.

A very satisfied 03 WR owner.

My brother has a 2000 DRZ and I have a 2000 WR400F. Even then there is no comparison. His is nice and soft with good power but it really becomes a handfull when the speeds are up. My WR is kind of twitchy in the slow rocks but really is a blast when the speeds go up and the trails get whooped out. I would never take a DRZ onto a Motocross track but I like to practice with my WR at the local MX tracks. It works OK on all but the biggest jumps then it bottoms hard. My 2 cents.

I had a DRZ400s, and just sold it this season for an '05 WR450. That was the best thing I ever did. Don't get me wrong, the DRZ is a good bike but the WR is just much better. I also ride in southern California. Good luck. One thing a wise man told me, You will have fun with whichever bike you choose. Ride safe.


'05 WR450

LTZ250 (wife)

The WR does have the smaller wheel which handles the bumps better. And I do believe it has the most horsepower in the group. I have not ridden a DRZ so I cannot give you an accurate comparison. But if you get the WR, you will not be disappointed I can promise you that.

Thanks for all the inputs, guys. That was great. I think its going to be the WR450. I'd like to get an '04 or '05 in good condition, but could deal with a nice '03 (with the starter fix). Okay, who wants to sell me one?

I just sold my 03 450 but check the classifieds here on TT :applause:

I don't think you can go wrong with either bike. I love my WR and my buddy has a DRZ. I've ridden his bike probably more than he has. It is very smooth and predictable. The Suzuki's have great handling characteristics and are pretty easy for a rookie to hop right on and have a blast. The WR does have better high speed/big hit suspension and considerably more power.

Last year when I had my WR 450 and my WR 426, I let a friend ride my 426 for a quick 10 mile loop. He dumped my bike about 5 times. He was just lost on the thing. The height, power, and his newbiness just had him floppin' like a fish every 40 yards. The DRZ was much easier for him to handle.

Both bikes are bulletproof. Try them both if you can, and decide for yourself. I would skip the XR 400, it's a little too 80's technology.

I just got an 05 DRZe and it is a really fun bike. It is stock except for the dual sport stuff and protective gear. I just got back from a 300 mile ride which included pavement, sand dunes, and awesome burley singletrack. The DRZ shreds the trails. I can basically point the thing at any obsticle and shoot right up the thing. The suspensoin is great. Maybe a little soft compared to some but it soaks up anything I through at it very nicely. Power for me is really good. Even doing a pretty good pace up the trails there is still gobs of power in reserve. No problem at all in that area for me. I was debating the WR vs DRZ thing for a while also. If I was only trail riding and did not have to maintain the thing the WR would take it hands down but for a good all around bike I had to take the DRZ. Even the DRZ's seat gets pretty hard after a day. As for the sand the DRZ gets through it but it is working pretty hard and is really not the most fun thing to do for any extended period of time. A paddle tire on the dunes would be much better. On more packed sand I'm sure it would be much better but the super light fluffy stuff is a bit of work. I did love how on the WR I could lift the front wheel off the ground with ease just sitting there.

The WR is a much better bike than the DRZ. It's Lighter, has way more motor and the suspention is better. I feel it is the most versital bike out. I have a dual sport kit and the ability to strip it down and race Motocross with it. The YZ plastic bolts up with minor mods. Electric start is reliable. I have an 03 and have been racing Moto for over 2 1/2 years and it is 100% reliable. Either one is going to be at least 25 to 30 lbs heavier than the Mx thumpers though. I am going to convert it back over to a dual sport and buy a 06 YZ 450 but this thing pulled me back into racing mx because the smooth delivery and the amount of power is excellent. Throw a power now on it and a yz pipe or an aftermarket one and you will be happy. Also on either bike I recommend an aftermarket rubber mounted tripple clamp like RG3's four post with pro tapers. You will need the bars farther forward for sure with either bike as well. e-bay seems to have 4 pages of YZ 450 parts and 2 pages of WR so I have been ablke to buy pipes and extra wheels that have been great to have as spairs.

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