float needle adjust

99400 fact manual. why does this manual always seem like the authors were having a very bad day when they wrote it??? I want to do something simple like adjust the float level, and it tries like hell to confuse me by saying that BE CAREFULL NOT TO COMPRESS THE NEEDLE VALVE AND GIVE FALSE READINGS.... how the frick would I compress this needle even if I wanted to? Theres no little spring loaded valve in the top if it like some, I can roll that thing around all day long and I cant see how it gods name I can get anything but an honest reading out of it, it does not seem like it will compress for any reason.

Do I have the right needle? Its solid, no spring. Also, is the recomended highth good? Also, at exactly what PORTION of the float should I measure? There is a raised lip of at least on mm, its part of the construction joint seam... from there? Or the bulk of the float body surface which is a bit lower?

thanks yall


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