XR650R Dual Sport maintenance

OK: I know this 650R dual sport stuff get beaten to death but I've done a search and haven't found a lot of maintenance info yet. What is the required maintenance for a 650R used on the road? Are you having to change oil every three, 30 km rides to work? I'm used to the street bike 3-4000 km oil changes and tires every 10,000 kms. What does the BRP REALLY cost to run in DS mode? thanks..

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Regular XR650R maintenance by the manual (assumes off-road use)

Oil: 600 miles or 1000km

Oil Filter: Replace with oil change

If you are using the XR mostly for on-road then you may want to look at a KLR650 maintenance schedule.


Oil change: 5,000 miles

If you are dual sporting then make a compromise between the two.

Tires wear out faster on the R under all conditions if you like to play. However, if you ride like an L rider then tires should last a long time. :applause:

thanks for the info :applause: . 1000 kms for oil isn't all that bad. After riding litre class sport bikes I'm sure the XR's rear tires will cost me a bundle :eek: .

I had to laugh the otherday

I went through my manual for my DRZ400S and wanted to find out the exact amount of oil it need(to use as a ref point)

You know what I read

8000km for an oil change

I don't even let my truck go that long

Anyway, I do have 2000km on it and no oil being burnt and the colour is good

I would start checking at 1000km and keep going from there

If it is black get rid of it quick and change more often

almost a clear brown, let it go for a little

I also run full syn in the bike

Can't wait to get my 650, the 400 is great, but just is not a 650


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