Need new wheel. Will this one fit?

I have a 1998 wr 400 with a bad rear wheel. I have found a cheap 2000 wr 400 rear wheel, but I have noticed that the part numbers are different on the 98 and 00. Does anyone know if the 2000 wheel will fit the 98 bike?

no it will not... yamaha used a faulty or weak design in '98 and upgraded it the next year. '98 is the only year they used that hub.. 99-05 are all the same.. I've heared of guys updating the 98's with the wheel, and axle from the later models,(and maybe swingarm :applause: ) but I dont know alot about it.. I'm sure someone here can tell you, or you might try a search on the subject...

hope this helps some...

I searched around the web last night and it looks like the 98 wr400 hub might be the same as the wr 250 hub. Is this true? Can I use a wr 250 hub on my 98 wr 400?

:applause: I'm not sure, but it doesn't sound right to me..

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