my first post

hello new to this just got an xr650r supermoto is there any thing i need to know about . :applause:

Hold On!!!!!!! :p:p:p:p:):p:applause::eek:

What do you want to know about the 650R? :applause::eek:

Go trade it for a CRF450 and learn to ride motocross....JUST KIDDING! I've seen the way people fight about kinds of riding...

the motard sites are probably going to be more help to you--but you can find some usefull stuff on here....

try a search or feel welcome to participate.

how about sharing a pic of your 'tard?

no no no no no, the only thing i can tell you is "shoulda got an L"

Yup....and besides, what good is a dirt bike that cant climb a gnarly, steep... rutted hill? :applause:

Its kinda like them guys who buy a 4x4 truck and lower it :)

Anyway I am just messing with ya, welcome to TT and enjoy the topics and good people here ! :eek:

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