Cahins and sprockets. Oh my!

Hello all,

I have a 05 WR450, stock. I have done mods. What recommendation would u suggest on sprocket sizes and chain. I believe stock is 14/50. What about 14/51. I do off road with combo mx (WORCS series) I believe i run a 116 link chain, correct? Just wanted some suggestions. thanks :applause:

it really depends if the course is tight technical terrain or fast open terrain. at any rate i'd suggest steel sprockets and a D.I.D. 520ATV chain as it has a rivet link and is bloody tough! apparently it'll handle 180hp, which is considerably more than what your average 400/426/450 pumps out at the treads.

if it were was my bike i'd be running 14-52 or 15-48 gearing. however im presently running the stock '04 450 gearing which is 15-50

I like the 15 50 as well!!!Seems to help with slider wear as well. :applause:

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