Low $$ oversized rotors for xr650l

Hi again, I did some searching of this site for someplace that might sell and oversized front brake kit thats not 400 bucks but no luck. I see on rockymountain they have kits for the R's and older 600's but nothing but stock for the L's. Im assuming that the hubs are diff from the L to R but what about the 600's? With the summer heat and all, it really makes it so much more noticable, I still am going to get the stainless lines (F&R) but just wanted to know if theres anything out there. Thanks for any help!


XR600 rotors will not fit the "L". I tried, way off :applause:

ya know, this will not help much but rockymountain had titax oversized rotors for $60 including the bracket for mounting the rotor. don't think the have any left but keep doing some research and compare part numbers, you might find something that works.

Question: why exactly do you want oversized rotors?

Thanks for the help everyone! xr400r, do you know what the part # was for those rotors? The reason I want the larger rotors is because the stock brakes are a joke for the size of the bike plus a rider, at least thats how I feel. I dont baby my bike so you can really see how they preform, especially when they start getting hot. Thanks again!


get a steel braided line and bleed it well. All the braking action you will need.

Steel braided is the way to go, since no one makes an oversized disc for it. I would also recommend using Motul RBF600 brake fluid, (to help keep the temp down) get some good pads of your choice for what type of conditions you are riding in, and maybe even invest in a rotor hone so you can de-glaze the rotor and give the new pads a good surface to seat on. Hmmm, while I'm mentioning tools for brakes i would strongly recommend a mighty vac brake pump tool, it makes short work of the flushing and bleeding process. For example the first time I used mine I did my KTM's front brake, rear brake, and clutch systems flushed and bleed them all in a half hour!

Thanks Tom Rogner! I'm a Ford technition so I got a crap load of tools, including a vacuum pump and also a Motive power bleeder which works good for certian things. I guess I'll try the lines 1st, then go from there, idk. Thanks again!


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