It "All Over" The News In Sacramento

Hello all, the California Wilderness Coalition published a report that is getting big time media coverage here in California. The title of the report is "From Off-road To Ruin". The report is 60 something pages and can be view at The article that appeared in the Sacramento makes us look like a bunch of "lawless" destructors of the environment. I am printing the full report so haven't read it all yet. We all need to join the Blue Ribben Coalition and AMA and need to get involved. They need our support big time. Don't just join. Write letters, do volunteer work and get very active now or the sport we all love so much will go the way of the dinasour. I love the land too and want to preserve as much as we can but there are some who would take it all away from us. The founding fathers gave us an opportunity to be free but we must fight to keep it that way. That also implies that we must act responsibly! You can count on me to do everything I can to keep you riding. Paul

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I'ts happening all over the world mate!The D.S.M.R.A. (Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Assoc)here in AUSTRALIA are working their BUTS off to keep riding areas open here too!

Keep up the good work.




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Somebody stop me !!!

Thanks Andrew. I am getting older now. I have had the pleasure of riding for many years. I have never tried to destroy the desert or mountains. I love them! In my entire life I have never run over a desert tortis(i rode desert since the 60s). I also like turtles! I know there are some &%$#@! out there. But, there always has been. And, it doesn't matter whether it is motorcycles, guns, cars, water craft or what have you. Just because there are a few irresponsible people doesn't mean that everyone should suffer. In the US there are literally thousands of square miles of wilderness where off-road activity is all but non-existant. Why the environ whackos choose to hike in an OHV area is beyond me in the first place. with all the available options they have why don't they go there? I know because I am a hiker as well. When I hike I go where the off-roaders can't. Not all that complicated(unless you just want to make trouble). I know I am old-fashioned but I still believe in freedom and responsibility.

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This does not look good. I just downloaded the report and printed it for later reading, but so far I don't like what I see.

I encourage you to take the time to download and read this thing. Maybe we can come up with a way to combat this. Let's bounce ideas off each other and share letters/e-mails. We gotta do something!

BLAAAAA!!!!!!! :)

NOW WE GOTCHA, your right, it's all over. In your case, you waited to long. Anything you do is "To little to late".

To everyone

Think about what the gore guy is saying.

He has no idea!!

He has nothing better to do then try to piss

people off.

he hugs trees

he has no respect for the 2nd amendment

he breaks into research labs and lets the poor rats go.

he spikes trees so the lumbermen get hurt

I am an earth first person myself

well log the other planets later.

and for now this very moment Bush is the pres

and gore is a nobody who couldn't even carry his own state.


I especially like the crushed turtle and broken sign photos in the report. I can see an environazi finding some dead turtle killed by a coyote or something and blaming it on off-roaders. How the hell do they know the sign was damaged by a snow mobile? How do they know how the turtle was crushed? They are so friggin hypocritical! Let's make sure they live in recycled plastic homes that do not touch the ground (foundations tear-up the ground) without electricity (generated by burning coal or Salmon killing damns) or natural gas (fumes into the atmoshphere... Aren't there any lawers out there that ride? We need representation!

Okay guys, let the so-called "newspaper" that published this story know what you think:

Sacramento Bee, 2100 Q St., P.O. Box 15779, Sacramento, CA 95852. The general newsroom fax number is (916) 321-1109. The newspaper's main telephone number is (916) 321-1000.

The Contact Page:

The Feedback Page:

This kind of journalism is of the most irresponsible kind. If you read the report you can tell it's from the extreme left-wing crowd. Typical one-sided views with no basis on reality. Shame on the Sacramento Bee! GIVE 'EM HELL!

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Thanks for posting the e-mail to the newspaper. I just sent the editor the following e-mail.

Your recent article - "Off Road to Ruin" is nothing but scare tactics. You and your liberal newspaper should be ashamed.

Never once have I feared for my safety an any OHV area or from any group of OHV users. In over 20 years of motorcycle ownership I have never seen any of the situations described in your article.

When publishing an article you should consider the source. Extreme groups should always be suspect. I am sure that you would check your facts and seek a more balanced article if it were the KKK, Moral Majority, Green Peace or any extreme group with an agenda to promote. But somehow a "politically correct" group like the "California Wilderness Coalition" must be correct and balanced, because they feel all warm and fuzzy.

Maybe you should consider some of the great work that a different organization is doing to present a balanced viewpoint. May I suggest the "Blue Ribbon Coalition" ( ) . I am sure that you will find this group of individuals just as active when it comes to preserving the environment. The only differenc is that they want to preserve it FOR the People rather than FROM the People.


John Dumke

Thanks for the heads up guys! This stuff really pisses me off.

Here is the rant I sent:

I just looked over the Off Road Vehicle Report published by your paper and it is obviously biased, sensationalized propaganda. Gory photo's and scare tactics reminiscent of the anti-abortion wacko's who kill people because they are pro-life.

I have been an off-road enthusiast since I was 12 years old. I now ride with my children. We enjoy and respect the environment. In the 30 years I have been riding dirt bikes in California, I have not seen these packs of drugged out thugs tearing up the sensitive areas. What I see the most is families enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

I have seen hills that looked like the pictures shown in the report, 20 years ago, that you would now be hard pressed to find any indication that there were vehicle tracks there before. How much land is gobbled up by urban sprawl, car dealer ships, malls, tracts of homes, etc. Can this land ever be restored? Now think about the areas effected by ORVs. It would be like a "drop in the ocean". Are some tire tracks and erosion worse than the millions of cubic miles of concrete and rebar that have eaten away the environment to the point where we are now fighting over the small bits that are left?

To think that the pollution due to off-road vehicles has any significance in the big picture which includes industrial pollution, power plants, airplanes, trucks, trains, cars, buses, ships, etc, running full bore day in and day out, is ludicrous. I am fairly typical and I ride my dirt bike maybe two or three days a month, a few hours a day, if I am lucky. In my neighborhood there are maybe 5 people out of slightly more than a hundred that have ORVs. Take a look at the number of them who drive gas guzzling SUVs down the freeways for hours, every day of the year.

Why is it these people think they have the right to protect "the wilderness", for themselves to enjoy, by excluding anyone that doesn't think the same way they do? It is the ultimate arrogance. Public lands belong to all of us and there is enough to go around. I am all for setting aside areas that are environmentally sensitive and the vast majority of off-roaders would agree and respect the boundaries.

This report is the peak of hypocrisy. The really sad part is that a lot of people actually believe this crap. Shame on your for publishing it.

Wow Heywood!

You are positively eloquent. I am impressed.

I will be gone for a week to AZ for some much needed R&R. I plan to go visit the biggest "rut" in North America. I think they call it the Grand Canyon. To think that millions of years of water errosion has caused something so beautiful that it is refered to as "Grand"!

I put the original post on the DR site as well. It might be a good idea if we network with them and everyone else who has something at stake in this. There is strength in numbers. UNITE! :)

AL Gore(unregistered) coward. It is never too late. Stay tuned! :)

pmaust,Thank's for posting that article in the drz forum.IMO article's like this should be posted in ALL the forum's.If we don't unite and fight these socialist,who will?When you look at the overall scope of the way thing's are looking for us,the who's bike is lightest and fastest is petty and trivial at this point.

Gosh guys, I have been so busy working on this offroad thing. Just think what I could have done if they had counted all the votes. I really did win, you know.

The best way to combat riding area closures is the way I have seen snowmobilers in Ontario fight it and organized off road riders. The OFTR in Ontario charges it's members nominal yearly fees for legal counsel and representation in many levels of goverment. The snowmobilers are the most organized in the world. Northern Ontario offers thousand of miles of trails all linked with cooperation of many clubs. The goverment is keenly aware of how much revenue this brings in and is on our side. I recently read that the government here is promoting making the trails available here for ATV use as well because of the hordes of money in taxes it can generate. The strength of organized clubs, representation, and overall proffessional approach has secured our riding areas. Too win the battle you must organize, support, and promote positively the benefits of our sport, and not argue the environmental issues. Check out the snowmobiler's clubs in Ontario, and follow there lead. A hundred individuals has no presence, unless there organised. Good luck.

There is a lot of BS in that report. There is a lot of good ammo for the greenies as well. It only takes a very SMALL percent of riders to give them this ammo. If you see anybody riding in a way or an area that is going to do further harm to our sport, you need to step up and straighten that person out. ALL who ride are a representitive of the sport. One can ruin it for many. The biggest problem is getting the one in line with the rest of us who ride responsibly.

Hello everybody!!!Care to join me in the desert for some roasted turtles over a joshua tree fire??????? beavis.gif

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