What to get? New or Used?

I'm looking at getting a bigger bike (poor old TTR250 cant hold my 115kg's)

I have narrowed it down to a WR as the KTM it too tall for me and a little twitchy for my liking (I'm old :eek: ).

I'm looking at a new 05 450 but want some feed back on how much better (if any) it is over the older models and if its $$$ cost for the new one is a better idea.

P.S hi all this is my first post here. :applause:

I paid $3500 USD for my '03 about 4 months ago. It was in real nice shape, very few miles. Granted, the '03's are "full of problems" :applause: , but less than $500 in upgrades fixes all. Compare that to a new bike at about $6500 - $7000, and I have lunch money for a year :eek: However, when buying used, definitely consider the source. Performance wise, I have no complaints with the 03, it rips, but I haven't ridden any other year WR either.

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