Cold starting question

I haven't seen this question on here before so thought I'd ask. Was just wondering if any one else had problems starting thier WR cold with the e-starter. My bike fires every time on 2 or 3 kicks but will absolutely not start cold with the electric starter. Once it's warmed up it will fire every time with the button. Just wondering if it's normal, should I fix something or just leave it be. As easy as it kicks over it's not really that much of a pain. By not starting cold I also mean even in summer. Thanks.


twist the throttle then let go, then hit the e-start. works everytime for me

I kick mine when it's cold

You need to put in a 72 starter & jet 48 pilot jet for cold starting. It lets the e-start work down to 30 degrees. :applause:

I bumped my starter jet from a 65 to a 70 and it starts much easier now. No need to twist the throttle anymore. :applause:

Twist the throttle three times, hit the starter and it goes......

Someone posted in here some time ago about learning the little things about your bike that will make it start the first time......This might be one for you......

I Was told by the dealer not to use the electric leg from cold as it is a little weak and it will crank too slow if the battery is a Little down on amps.

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