Fork Seal Replacement

I have a manual for my 1995 600R but when it comes to changing the fork seals, the directions get kinda vague. Anyone have a good set of instructions they want to give me (or a link to them)? All the info I see out there says it is pretty easy to do yourself and I hate paying for things I can do myself (pretty handy guy). I only have one bad seal. Can I just change one, or is there some superfandagled thing that will happen if I don't replace both? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Your need to take the fork all apart.

Then after you take out the dust boot/seal retainer you pull the inner fork tube out of the lower fork housing like a slide hammer. (the maunal spells this out well. You'll need a fork seal tool or a piece of PVC that just fits over the fork tube that is about 24" long. Someday I'll post pictures on the site.

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