yz426/boyesen accelerator pump cover

i just bought a used yz426f and i love it. suspension is awsome for trail riding and it handles well the only compliant i have about the bike is the notoriious low end flat spot in the powerband that i have heard most early 426's have. The bike runs fine otherwise. i work on bikes so i have tried tuning the carb a bit which has helped a bit but there still is that little hesitation in the powerband. i saw an advertisment for a Boysen accelerator pump cover that is is supposed to help the low end bog. But my first qustion is that is this pump cover really work? if anyone has used this upgrade any info will be appreciated. thanx

Before you spend $90 on the Boyesen gizmo, try The BK Mod

Yes, I've got one.

Yes, It works just like advertised.

I've got two rides under my belt with it and I think it increases the throttle response time significantly. I don't think you'll be disappointed. :applause:

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