Stupid question, but...

On my WR400, rear suspension compression adjuster is on top, rebound is on bottom... BUT... I can't remember wether fork compression is on top, or bottom. :applause: Little help here please, and thank you. Also, what would you suggest as a starting point on the damping adjusters after I've set proper sag? Which I have by the way. Thanks again, ...N

Top is rebound

I'd suggest you put the settings back to how they came from factory.

If you muck around with your settings, strange things can happen.

Agreed, which is what I was asking. The guy I bought the bike from was an idiot and had everything set full soft, without any pressure in the shock even! Only thing not full "out" were the adjusters on the bottom of the forks. I want to balance everything before I go and end up on my head. Soooo... Factory settings anyone? ...N


Please help with the factory settings! My front tire tries to washout on gravel fire roads. Not fun!

I'm not sure about the factory settings but why don't you set them to the middle of the clickers and then adjust 2 clicks either way(one set of clickers at a time) until you get a better feel for whats going on. WR Dave.

That's where I sit now, but it would be nice to have the factory baseline. I've always done that to fine tune. Meaning go 2 clicks at a time on only one adjustment (only change one thing at once!!!) until it starts to get worse instead of better, and then drop back 1 click. Problem is, settings are so inter-connected (meaning preload, compression, and rebound) that starting everything in the middle is less than optimum. All my previous bikes have ended up with the settings quite different, you know what I mean? If/when I find factory settings, I'll post. Until then... Where are you running the clickers (yes, all 4 of 'em please) with shock preload set at 100mm? Thanks, ...N

Oops, forgot to thank you Matty... Top is rebound, right you are!

Where is your manual???

As a baseline - my '05 wr has settings from fully turned in position

(Standard Australian settings in brackets for you to try as we have stiffer springs)


Rebound - 10 clicks (14 clicks AUS)

Compression - 13 clicks (14 clicks AUS)


Rebound - 10 clicks (11 clicks AUS)

Low Speed Compression - 9 clicks (12 Clicks AUS)

High Speed Compression - 1 1/8 turns (1 1/4 turns AUS)

Evidently my manual is somewhere between the original owner, second owner, and myself! And the one I just ordered is on the way. Thanks very much, ...N

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