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2002 Models

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I just read (DirtRider-APRIL 2001-pp.23)that Yamaha is going to 450cc for the 2002 YZ-F. The snippet also states that they are going to shave down the weight.

How long do you think that it will take the WR to follow suit.

Although I WOULD like the bike to be lighter, I don't know if going from 400cc to 450cc over 2 or 3 yearmodels is going to help the offroad/weekend tailblazer type rider. It creates a pretty large gap and compromise between the WR250 and WR450. I'm really impressed with the amazingly wide lineup of bikes KTM is sporting now. Talk about bikes custom tailored to different riders. It's amazing. I wish Yamaha had a wider variety of setups like that. Could you imagine a WR350 with a little plusher suspension? That would be a perfect bike for the area I live in. Its too hilly, and I'm to heavy for the 250- but on the other hand, when you're cruising ravines with tight mesquites and cactus on both sides of you, ricocheting off of terrain thats 3 or 4 fistsized rocks deep. Grabbing a little too much juice while desperately trying to hang on, is a NOT a good scenario.

The reports on the RC450 I have read imply that the motor is still somewhat primitive when compared to the Yamaha. But I always liked Hondas and I wonder if they will release an offroad version, or maybe update the XR lineup. As reliable as they may be. I don't seem to hear about anyone winning any s**t on the XR250/XR400.

I think I'm just rambling at this point.

I would appreciate any feedback.

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