is yamaha detuning the 450?

It seems from researching that Yamaha has been detuning the 450 since 2003. From what I read in magazines it sounds like the magazine guys love the idea of making the yz more like a crf. Is it true that Yamaha has taken some of the power to make the bike more "rideable"? I am seriously looking for a yz450 soon, like tomorrow if I find one. And I want the model year that has the most snap, the hardest powerband cause I need it! I weigh 265lbs and my yz250f felt really weak this last time riding when I also was riding a buddy's 03'crf450. The track was prepped and had a deep,loam to it and my 250f was a joke compared to the 450. But when the same track is hard-packed I have no problem with power delivery from the 250f. So what I am getting at here is that I want the meanest yz450 thats come out. So which year would that be? thanx :applause:

you know what man to be honest with you. I traded my 2000 yz426 in for an 05 yz450. really if you want a mean running thumper you will have to buy a bike and make some mods to it. I might not be a good drag racer but i raced a 2001 yz426 and he was with me all the way until around top end of 3rd then i slowly pulled away. if you dont want to do engine mods then just do some capairing as far as horse power and torque specs between the years then get the one thats the highest.....

i go 280+ and the 05 with a few mods is quite fast,tractable power. if its all going to wheelspin then your not going anywhere fast. of course there is always the service honda cr500 if want the best bang for the buck,i beleive they are around $8500


I don't think they actually "removed" power from the 450F engine after 03 but moved the power to make a more flat power curve. Many people say the YZF's have a "hit" compared to the CRF, I think Yamaha is trying to tame that hit so it is easier to ride. Unfortunately, when it all comes down to it money is what the factories listen to. Honda has sold at least 2:1 (maybe much higher) CRF's than Yamaha has sold YZF's because alot of people don't want a full blown race bike that only a select handful can ride near it's potential. I think whatever year you get you will be happy. :applause:

thanks guys, I am going to some dealers today to work a deal on one. I liked riding my friend's CRF450 but I heard they have valve problems and maybe other issues but I am a loyal Yamaha rider anyway I need the instant throttle response. Well I am going to get off here and go looking to cheat on my yz250f. thanx again:thumbsup:

Yes Yamaha has been de-tuning the yz450. I found this thread from Motocycles -R-Us:

Date Jan 2,2005.

Yamaha has been de-tunning the big bore yz450 since after the 2003 model year. As requested by all the after market companys. They have complained to the giant company that they are not capable of making any product that will improve the bike. So in a last ditch effort, They told Mr Yamaha if is not willing to de-tune it, they will be force to quit making aftermarket pipes, top end kits, etc for yamaha. The only reason they have been able to keep afloat is that the other brands seem to be really crappy for horse power and valve issues.

But on the flip side: The top three tire produces have gave Yamaha xxxx amount of dollars to increase production on these flawless machines. funny.. :eek::applause:

The 05 450 has more power than anyone on this board can use. Period.

Interesting thread, I say racers need race machines. In UK I think most 450 riders race on mx tracks. We have a lot less enduro/trail/hare n hound opportunities than America. The '05 YZ450F is a race winner straight out of the box. Team Barney Racing has only attended 2 race meets since we bought our 450 two and a half weeks ago & our principal rider won 5 races out of 6 & got top prize money both meets. The 450 needs a holeshot device to stop it wheelying off the line. Start in 2nd gear. If Yamaha make the 450 any softer we will stop buying them. We will wait until the '06 has been in the market for a whole season to see what the rider/mechanic feedback looks like. I hope it is a fully quality-tested product, not like the '05 YZ125 that was fast but broke every race meet (Had one, sold it on, still got the nightmares).

Will this de tuning possibly stop with the 2006 models, should they not want to come out strong with the introduction of the aluminum frame on the four stroke. I rode a 04 450 and my 02 426 had more hit, I hope to get a 06 but I do want to feel the hit when the throttle cracks.

I owned an 01 426 and loved it.

I have said this before and I will say it again....the 04 YZ450F has the ultimate blend between HIT and SMOOTH. Make the 06 run like an 04.....and you have a winner. I suspect that is what it will be compared to.

I'm don't take much value in most of the mag articles out there but this was from the new dirt rider magazine with the '06 Yami's and Kawi's.....

"The obvious revision is the new aluminum frame, but the engine, which looks similar to the old design is brand new. Housing a five speed transmission, it is claimed to have an even smoother "faster lap times at the end of a moto" power delivery, but dont think Yamaha won't also go for outright power."

Well that could mean the tranny smoothed it out or they played with the ignition mapping some more... or just more magazine crap. :applause:

I guess we'll see but not soon enough. My wallet says I will hang on to the '04 for a couple more years... specially since I have the suspension done now, but I'll probably still be a little envious of you folks that are getting one of the new ones. :eek:

I have an 04 450 and it has huge power with lots of traction. Very fast everywhere and anywhere in the powerband. I have no mods other than a slightly heavier flywheel weight (8oz)

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