Exhaust mod pics

OK - truth be told I am not a master mechanic (yet). I plan on learning along the way but have this fear of screwing stuff up on my new bike. Soooooo, I hope you dont mind some elementary questions on the free mods...

Can anyone point me to an old thread (or other) with pics of the exhaust mod? I want to be sure I take out the right thing and leave the rest!

Also - I have my yz throttle stop on order (should be here next week). Do I need to pull a lot of stuff out to get at it or can you remove the housing without taking apart a bunch of other stuff?

And finally, after reading the manual it looks like you have to take the carb off in order to change the jets. How long and how complex a procedure is this for a rookie (again, I'm not a complete wrenching idiot but don't have experience working on bikes yet)

thanks in advance for any help!

Tbone, I just got my WR this spring but have done a bunch of the mods following the advice on this site. For the exhaust just take off the six allen head bolts on the outside and then the four on the inside and the small pipe will just come off. There is a gasket on the inside pipe but it stays in place pretty well. I put a PMB insert on that is just an open pipe to route the exhaust out. I have done a bunch of jetting and never taken the carb off but I recommend loosening all three clamps holding it, removing the throttle cables and removing the hot start plunger. You can then twist it enough to do any jetting, top or bottom. It will take you a lot longer the first time but if you are going to do jetting then you should just dive in because you will probably be doing it several times before you are satisfied.

oh and I did the throttle stop without loosening anything else. It's just hard to get to and takes small turns. It's a super mod in itself. Do it as soon as you can.

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